• NameResearch Abstract

    Amy Angert

    Plant evolutionary ecology; geographic range limits and rarity; population dynamics and community structure.

    Mary Berbee

    Molecular phylogenetic studies of fungi and evolution of fungal life history stategies.

    Quentin Cronk

    The study of plant form using the techniques of comparative genomics, molecular developmental biology and evolutionary biology.

    Jonathan Davies

    Ecology and evolutionary biology; the distribution of biodiversity and the challenges posed to its conservation through recent changes to the environment.

    Sean Graham

    My lab group works on the evolution, phylogenetics and comparative genomics of diverse groups of land plants (embryophytes), with a particular focus on monocots, a flowering-plant clade that includes the major crop plants that sustain human civilization. 

    Patrick Keeling

    Early eukaryote evolution, molecular phylogeny, protistology.

    Brian Leander

    Marine invertebrate zoology, protozoology, evolutionary morphology & phylogenetics.

    Wayne Maddison

    Spider systematics and evolution.

    Sean Michaletz

    Ecophysiology, ecosystem ecology, macroecology, scaling, fire behaviour and effects.

    Laura Wegener Parfrey

    Microbiome of coastal marine organisms; eukaryotes in the microbiome

    Loren Rieseberg

    Adaptation, Domestication, Crop Evolution, Hybridization, Speciation, Weed Evolution

    Curtis Suttle

    The biology of viruses that infect marine phytoplankton and bacteria, and the role of these viruses in population dynamics and geochemical cycles.

    Marco Todesco

    Understanding the genetic basis of plant diversity and adaptation.

    Philippe Tortell

    Michelle Tseng

    Aquatic and Insect Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. We investigate the effect of changing environments on insect and aquatic communities; We use field and laboratory experiments, syntheses of published literature, and natural history collections to investigate ecological and evolutionary responses to climate and habitat change; Our work is grounded in ecological and evolutionary theory and has applications to conservation biology and healthy ecosystems.

    Jeannette Whitton

    Plant molecular systematic and evolution; the evolution of asexual polyploid complexes in higher plants.