IT Support

The Botany IT Support Unit is a group of IT professionals who are responsible for IT related operations within the Department of Botany. Our service portfolio consists of five major areas: IT infrastructure management, desktop support, application development and maintenance, project services, and research support.

  • IT infrastructure management encompasses both network and server/systems management. For secure and efficient function, we have 5 VRFs(Virtual routing and forwarding), 11 VLANs, and a pool of 450 IP addresses, all protected by the Departmental virtual firewall system. In total, we directly manage 22 physical/virtual servers and storage devices, which enables us to provide a broad range of services.
  • Desktop support covers 300+ computers in the department, each running Windows, MacOS, or a Linux/Unix distribution. Our support services also extend to tablets and smart phones, as well as critical work-related software.
  • Application development and maintenance are new areas that have recently been added to our service portfolio. To meet growing demand, we are now equipped to deliver sophisticated online applications using the two most popular content management systems: Drupal and WordPress.
  • We provide Project services those cover the full life cycle of IT projects following the general guidelines of PMI PMEBOK.
  • Our research support covers research server management, BioInformatics support, and research data management.


Our office is located in room 1322 in the South Wing of the Biological Sciences Building.

Hours of Operation

Operating hours are between 9:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.


Sean Shang
IT Systems Manager

John Ng
Systems Analyst

Chenqian Jing
Support Analyst


Phone: 604-827-1599
Fax: 604-822-6089
Online Form: Submit a ticket