• NameResearch Abstract

    Jörg Bohlmann

    Plant molecular biology, genomics and biochemistry. Natural products and chemical ecology of forest trees.

    Sean Graham

    My lab group works on the evolution, phylogenetics and comparative genomics of diverse groups of land plants (embryophytes), with a particular focus on monocots, a flowering-plant clade that includes the major crop plants that sustain human civilization. 

    Patrick Keeling

    Early eukaryote evolution, molecular phylogeny, protistology.

    Shawn Mansfield

    Areas of research include: Tree biotechnology Relationship between genes expression and phenotypic cell wall and development traits Plant Metabolism (Metabolomics) Cell Wall Development Cellulose Biosynthesis Lignin Biosynthesis Tree Metabolism Sucrose Metabolism Trees and the Environment; Remediation of anthropogenic contaminants: phosphorous salt heavy metals

    Laura Wegener Parfrey

    Microbiome of coastal marine organisms; eukaryotes in the microbiome

    Loren Rieseberg

    Adaptation, Domestication, Crop Evolution, Hybridization, Speciation, Weed Evolution

    Liang Song

    plant genomics, environmental stresses, seed development, gene expression

    Curtis Suttle

    The biology of viruses that infect marine phytoplankton and bacteria, and the role of these viruses in population dynamics and geochemical cycles.

    Jeannette Whitton

    Plant molecular systematic and evolution; the evolution of asexual polyploid complexes in higher plants.