Financial Support


All students admitted to the Botany Graduate Program are guaranteed a minimum level of financial support. Graduate student stipends are derived from a combination of Teaching Assistantships (TA), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA), and scholarships. MSc students are supported for a minimum of 2 years and PhD students are supported for a minimum of 4 years. Please see chart below: 


Ph.D. Canadian
Take HomeTuition and FeesTotal Stipend
Years 1-427,7731,32029,093
Years 5 and up27,7733,74231,515
Ph.D. InternationalYears 1-427,7731,32029,093
Years 5 and up27,7737,43435,207

M.Sc Canadian
Take HomeTuition and FeesTotal Stipend
Years 1-224,4716,62231,092
Years 3 and up24,4873,74228,229
M.Sc InternationalYears 1-224,4827,43431,916
Years 3 and up24,4827,43431,916


  • All financial support is subject to satisfactory performance and annual review
  • PhD students receive tuition waiver for first 4 years of PhD studies
  • Students are advised to discuss their funding with their supervisor
    • when they approach their 5th year in the PhD program
    • when they approach their 3rd year in the MSc program

During a graduate career in the Botany Department, most students have occasion to apply for scholarships and other sources of funding. Competition for these limited funds is intense and various criteria contribute to your overall ability to win these awards. The most important criteria are (i) academic excellence (based on grades and letters of reference) and (ii) research ability or potential (this means primary research articles published in good national or international journals, presentations at conferences etc.). The other criteria include (iii) your oral