Jonathan Davies


Academic History

  • M. Sc. (1997) University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ph. D. (2004) Imperial College, London, UK

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Contact Information

  • 604-822-5486

Research Interests

My research lies at the interface between ecology and evolutionary biology, making use of the information contained within phylogenetic trees to provide a bridge between them. The integration of phylogenetic approaches in ecology has been transformative, and has given rise to new sub-disciplines in biodiversity science, invasion biology, climate change biology, emerging infectious disease research and community ecology.

Selected Publications

For past and current publications visit this link:

Davies, T. J. [2021]. Ecophylogenetics redux. Ecology Letters, 

Ssebuliba*, E., & Davies, T. J. [2021]. Assessing the phylogenetic host breadth of millet pathogens and its implication for disease spillover. Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 2(1), e12040. 

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