Temperate Trees & Shrubs

The temperate trees and shrubs are generally tolerant plants and easy to maintain. They will show signs of stress or die if exposed to high temperatures (greater than 30C) for prolonged periods of time without adequate water. Most of these plants have the potential to get quite large and will require regular pruning and repotting with root pruning to stay a manageable size (around every 2-3 years for major pruning). The trees should be able to fit through doorways and be under ceiling height for the labs. The best time to prune these plants is in the early winter after they are no longer needed for courses and they will flush out come spring and be ready for summer courses. Some plants may require winter dormancy to begin flowering.

The temperate trees and shrubs include the following species:

• Asimina triloba• Capparis spinosa var. inermis• Cinnamomum camphora
• Diospyros sp.• Eleutherococcus senticosus• Laurus nobilis
• Ceratonia siliqua• Podocarpus macrophyllus
• Toona sinensis