The cycads are very slow growing gymnosperm plants. Dioon is native to eastern Mexico, Zamia is native to southeastern US and Caribbean islands and Cycas is native to Japan.

Zamia prefers more moisture than the Dioon and Cycas, but the soil should still be well drained. It is susceptible to rot if allowed to sit in water or if the soil remains wet for too long. Water more frequently. It can lose its fronds if exposed to cold temperatures. They grow back the following spring. Water when the soil is still slightly moist.

Dioon and Cycas prefer dry soil. Dioon natively grows on harsh, exposed areas with shallow soils and Cycas can withstand freezing so long as the ground remains dry. Water generally once per week as long as the soil dries in between.

The cycads include the following species:

• Dioon edule • Zamia integrifolia
• Cycas revoluta