Temperate Carnivorous Plants

The nearctic carnivorous plants include the North American pitcher plants, Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, and Butterworts. These plants naturally occur in acidic, low nutrient bogs and require very special care. These plants should never be given fertilizers (chemical or organic). Instead, they can be “fed” bloodworms once a month during the growing season and allowed to catch insects naturally. The butterworts and sundews are great to keep near seedling trays or areas with fungus gnats as they quickly neutralize the problem. All of these plants require “wet feet” and should be kept in shallow trays of rain water or distilled water.

The Sarracenia plants should have ⅓ to ½ of their pot submerged during the summer.

The Dionaea should sit in about 2cm of distilled water during the summer.

The Sarracenia and Dionaea need annual dormancy to maintain their vigour. Set the Sarracenia in a sheltered area outside from September to December. The Dionaea should be placed in a cold windowsill or sheltered outside and protected from frost.

The Droseras and Pinguiculas grow well in terrariums made up of a seeding tray filled with peat nested in a tray with 1-2cm of water in the bottom and a tall seedling cover over top. They can be kept this way year round without any noticeable loss of vigour.

The temperate carnivorous plants include the following species:

• Sarracenia alata • Sarracenia leucophylla
• Sarracenia purpurea x rosea x flava • Dionaea sp.
• Drosera intermedia • Pinguicula primuliflora