Audio and Visual Services

Botany IT provides a variety of audio and visual services, as listed below:

Video Conferencing


A video conference allows two or more locations to communicate via live, simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. in addition to some consumer level video conferencing solutions such as skype (those normally has various limitations), Botany IT has access to an enterprise level platform called BlueJeans.  BlueJeans provides an interoperable cloud-based video meetings service that connects many users across different devices. We can provide video conferencing session for up to 25 pacitipants globally. In addition to audio and video, pacitipants can share application display from Powerpoint, Keynote, Excel, and/or web browsers. The video conference session can also be recorded upon request.

To reserve your video conferencing session, please send your request to at least 8 hours before your prefered meeting time.


You can join the video conference from your desktop or laptop computer, or even from your smartphone. But for better audio/video quality or to accomodate a large group of people, we suggest you book a meeting room with professional video conferencing system built-in. Botany meeting room 1318 in BioScience building has a build-in Cisco SX10 vidoe conferencing system, with capacity of 16 seats. You can login to Botany Internal website at to book this meeting room. Please visit the Room/Vehicle/IT equipment Booking page for how to use our booking system.

Other available rooms on campus with built-in video conferencing systems are listed below:

  1. ALRD (Law) B101 – 44 seats
  2. ESB 2012 – 80 seats
  3. IBLC 182 – 154 seats
  4. PCOH 1008 – 24 seats
  5. PHRM 1101 – 236 seats
  6. SPPH 143 – 28 seats

You can book a General-Purpose classroom with built-in video conferencing equipment using Scheduling Services’ Room Booking Request Form:

Lecture and seminar video-taping

If you are comfortable with handling our Canon VIXIA HF R30 digital camcorder, you can just login to Botany Internal Website at and book it, then pick up this device from Botany IT office at room 1322 in the Biological Science building. If you require a Botany IT staff to do the video-taping for you, please send in a helpdesk request to .

Please note that due to environmental conditions such as light and layout of the room, the video quality of the camcorder may not be idea. An example video taken by our Canon camcorder is posted below for your reference.[streamerType]=auto&flashvars[localizationCode]=en&flashvars[leadWithHTML5]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.plugin]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.position]=left&flashvars[sideBarContainer.clickToClose]=true&flashvars[chapters.plugin]=true&flashvars[chapters.layout]=vertical&flashvars[chapters.thumbnailRotator]=false&flashvars[streamSelector.plugin]=true&flashvars[EmbedPlayer.SpinnerTarget]=videoHolder&flashvars[dualScreen.plugin]=true&&wid=0_r5111p2u

Video Live-Streaming

Planning a international event? Or a MOOC course? we can help you to reach out to thousands or even millions people with 1080p video live-streaming. Our video live-streaming service is built with OBS studio as the encoder and Youtube as backend content delivery network to achieve the best result. We can use portable equipment (such as a laptop and a digital camcorder) for the live-streaming from anywhere as long as there are reliable high speed internet connection. Below is a demo live-streaming video we took in a meeting room with a MacBook Pro and a digital camcorder showing a PowerPoint presentation through ubcsecure wireless network.

If necessary, we can create password protected webpages to restrict access to your live-streaming videos. You can also insert the embeded code of your live-streaming sessions into the webpages of your Canvas courses.

Please contact us at if you need more information.

UBC’s Video Share Powered by Kaltura

Due to various legal and policy constraints (such as FIPPA BC and UBC Security Standards), we highly discourage members of UBC to publish videos on YouTube or other video sharing sites those have servers hosted ourside of Canada, unless you can obtain appropriate consents everybody in your video. As an YouTube alternative, UBC has built the UBC Video Share Powered by Kaltura.  This is the backend video hosting system behind Connect, Canvas, and UBC learning channels that allows users to upload, share, store and search videos.

Here is an example of a publicly accessible video hosted on UBC’s Kaltura backend:[streamerType]=auto&flashvars[localizationCode]=en&flashvars[leadWithHTML5]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.plugin]=true&flashvars[sideBarContainer.position]=left&flashvars[sideBarContainer.clickToClose]=true&flashvars[chapters.plugin]=true&flashvars[chapters.layout]=vertical&flashvars[chapters.thumbnailRotator]=false&flashvars[streamSelector.plugin]=true&flashvars[EmbedPlayer.SpinnerTarget]=videoHolder&flashvars[dualScreen.plugin]=true&&wid=0_4vnpu3nn

Please send an email to for more information about how to publish your videos using UBC’s Video Share service.