Faculty, Staff, and Grad Students FASmail

UBC offers a free FASMail (Faculty & Staff Email System) Email account to all UBC faculty and staff. This account provides you with a 5GB Inbox, calendar, and task list. It is accessible via Windows, Mac, Linux, and smart device (tablet, phone, etc.). Once you receive your UBC Employee ID and Campus Wide Login (CWL), Botany IT will assist you in setting up a FASMail account. Please contact the Botany Main Office if you do not know your UBC Employee ID. For Grad students without Employee ID (without an employment appointment), there will be a cost setting up the FASmail account. Students without Employee ID should get approval from their supervisor for setting up a FASmail account. The cost for mailbox not funded by UBC is $12/mailbox per fiscal year (billed annually, not up-front).

The standard FASmail format for Botany department is

FASMail Webmail:
FASMail Setup:

Features of the service include:

5GB mailbox and calendar.
Safe and secure mail storage using the UBC Storage Grid.
A comprehensive list of UBC faculty and staff using FASmail (in one address book).
The ability to look up availability of meeting rooms, equipment, and other resources using FASmail.
The ability to schedule meetings based on availability, as well as accept or decline meeting requests.
The option to delegate mailbox and/or calendar access to other FASmail users.
Virus protection and spam prevention.
A webmail interface (Outlook Web App) that provides an Outlook-like experience using a wide variety of web browsers.
Support for hosted departmental email domains (

Undergrad Students and Alumni

UBC students and alumni are eligible for a combination of email aliasing, forwarding, and UBC hosted mailbox services. Users of this service may obtain a UBC email address,, which can be forwarded to either an external or UBC hosted mailbox. For complete details, please click here.