Faculty Members in Ecology

Name Research abstract
Amy Angert

Plant evolutionary ecology; geographic range limits and rarity; population dynamics and community structure.

Jonathan Davies

Ecology and evolutionary biology; the distribution of biodiversity and the challenges posed to its conservation through recent changes to the environment.

Sean Michaletz

Plant physiological ecology, macroecology, fire behavior and effects

Laura Wegener Parfrey

Microbiome of coastal marine organisms; eukaryotes in the microbiome

Philippe Tortell

Biological oceanography; carbon dioxide, and trace metal controls on marine phytoplankton and bacteria.

Michelle Tseng

We are fascinated with the natural world around us and how this world will look in the future, in light of ongoing habitat and climate change.  We study the evolutionary and ecological processes that help or hinder responses to changing environments.  We test ecological and evolutionary theory using laboratory and field experiments with aquatic plankton communities, insects, and parasites.