Marine Biology

NameResearch Abstract
Beverley Green

Genomics, molecular evolution and chloroplast protein import in algae with chlorophyll c (diatoms, dinoflagellates and other chromists). Evolution of genes for light-harvesting antenna proteins and their stress-induced relatives. Photoacclimation in diatoms. Replication and transcription of minicircular chloroplast genes in dinoflagellates.

Brian Leander

Marine invertebrate zoology, protozoology, evolutionary morphology & phylogenetics.

Curtis Suttle

The biology of viruses that infect marine phytoplankton and bacteria, and the role of these viruses in population dynamics and geochemical cycles.

Jae-Hyeok Lee

Life cycle transitions of sexual eukaryote; Molecular mechanisms of nutrient sensing in phototrophic eukaryotes; Ubiquitin-dependent mechansism for chloroplast quality control; Evolution of developmental/epigenetic mechanisms; Macroevolutionary transitions from prokaryotes to eukaryotes and from green algae to land plants; Mitigating climate change by engineering algae for efficient carbon capture and biofuel production.

Laura Wegener Parfrey

Microbiome of coastal marine organisms; eukaryotes in the microbiome

Michael Hawkes

Teaching & Learning, Systematics & Phylogenetics, Marine Biology, Algae.

Patrick Martone

Marine phycology; biomechanics of macroalgae.

Paul Harrison
Philippe Tortell

Biological oceanography; carbon dioxide, and trace metal controls on marine phytoplankton and bacteria.