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Uncertainty in the research process is a source of excitement for Yujun Peng, Dewar Cooper Fellowship recipient

Yujun Peng, a member of Dr. Yuelin Zhang’s lab group, was recently awarded the Dewar Cooper doctoral fellowship for her work on the salicylic acid hormone signaling pathway. Her lab group focuses on how plant immune responses are regulated against the pathogen invasion, and early studies show that salicylic…

Mar 08 2022
Elizabeth Mahon, Jonathan Page Fellowship awardee, finds satisfaction in scientific problem-solving

Elizabeth Mahon, PhD student in the lab group of Dr. Shawn Mansfield, was awarded the…

Feb 28 2022
MSc student Isaac Borrego wins award in the BRC Research Photo Competition

Originally posted by the Beaty Museum

Forest Mortality, by Isaac Borrego, received the Plants, Algae, & Fungi award in the Biodiversity Research Center's photo competition. Congratulations Isaac! 


Feb 24 2022