Sean Graham Head of Department

(604) 822-3554


Alison Munro

Sarah Ruddick

Acting Administrative Director

Administrative Director (on leave) 

(604) 822-4882,

Botany Office (604) 822-8524    

Jessica Sui

Faculty Human Resources Manager

(604) 822-2134



Janice DeSouza-Vas 

Fac. HR Mgr. - Mat Leave

Replacement for Jessica Sui

 (604) 822-2134


Jessica Trat

Staff, HR & Facilities Manager

(604) 822-5380



Alice Liou

Graduate Coordinator

(604) 822-2133



Isabel Ferens

Assistant to the Head-Admin Support

(604) 822-8524


Sara Feizi

Finance Financial Specialist (on leave) 

(604) 827-0067



Yoko Nose

Acting Financial Specialist


(604) 827-0067

Biology Program (604) 822-4260    
  Tammy Tromba Biological Program Secretary
  Maki Sumitani Biology Program Support
  Christine Goedhart Science Education Specialist
  Xueqin Huang Technician  
  Jarnail Mehroke Technician  
  Olivera Gavric Technician  
  Mindy Chow Technician
  Joanne Denny Technician
Canadian Centre for Culture of Microorganisms CCCM Website
  Donna Dinh Curator and Culturist

(604) 822-4825

UBC BioImaging Facility
  Lacey Samuels Director of BioImaging Facility

(604) 822-5469

  Miki Fujita Research Manager

(604) 822-3354

  Derrick Horne Research Associate/Technician

(604) 822-6996

  Kevin Hodgson Research Associate/Technician

(604) 822-3354

  Brad Ross Research Associate/Technician

(604) 822-6996

Greenhouse (604) 822-6813    
  Aubrey Doherty Manager/Horticulturist/  
Herbarium (604) 822-3344 UBC Herbarium Website  
  Jeannette Whitton Director of the Herbarium
Curator of Vascular Plants  
  Sandra Lindstrom Assistant Curator of Algae  
  Mary Berbee Curator of Fungi  
  Trevor Goward Curator of Lichens  
  Olivia Lee Cryptogamic Collections Manager  
  Linda Jennings Vascular Plant Collections Manager  
Shipping and Receiving (604) 822-5040    
   Wes Wong

Biological sciences building, Room 1015 (North Wing) 

Cell: 778-879-3411

IT Services Botany IT Website  
  Sean Shang IT System Manager

(604) 827-3255

  John Ng System Analyst

(604) 827-0080

  Jasmine Kwong Support Analyst 

(604) 827-1599

  Jin Meng Electronic Technician

(604) 822-2488

  John Gourlay Mechanical Technician

(604) 822-4885