Paul Harrison

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor

Ecology and Marine Biology.

B.Sc. (Honours Botany), UBC;
Ph.D. (Oceanography), Dalhousie;
NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, Denmark, 1974;
Assistant Professor, UBC, 1975;
Director of First-year Biology Program, 1985-88, 1992-99
Associate Dean of Science for Students, 1999 - current

Contact Information

Rm 2172, Earth Sciences Building

Research Interests

My role as Associate Dean fully occupy my work days and preclude an active research program.Therefore, I am not recruiting students or co-researchers.

Selected Publications

Harrison, PG. 1987. Natural expansion and experimental manipulation of seagrass (Zostera spp.) abundance and the response of infaunal invertebrates. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci. 24: 799-812.

Harrison, PG. 1990. Variations in success of eelgrass transplants over a five-years' period. Envir. Cons. 17: 157-63.

Harrison, PG. 1991. Mechanisms of seed dormancy in an annual population of Zostera marina (eelgrass) from the Netherlands. Can. J. Bot. 69: 1972-1976.

Harrison, PG. 1993. Variations in demography of Zostera marina and Z. noltii on an intertidal gradient. Aquat. Bot. 45: 63-77.

Tarbotton, M. and Harrison, PG. 1996. A Review of Recent Physical and Biological Development of the Southern Roberts Bank Seagrass System 1950-1994. Prepared for the Roberts Bank Environmental Review Committee, Vancouver.