Luis Oliveira

Luis Oliveira (Lic. Oporto, PhD UBC) arrived at UBC Botany in 1970, to do a PhD with Thana Bisalputra. After completing his thesis on the ultrastructure of senescence during the culture of the brown alga Ectocarpus, he returned to Portugal for national military service, and then returned to Vancouver for post-doctoral work with Thana in 1975. He was appointed to the faculty in 1978, with specific tasks for Luis to contribute teaching in first year, Biology 200, and Biology 340.  His wife, Julie Celestino, was the technical assistant to the curator of the Phycology herbarium, Bob Scagel. Both Julie and Luis retired at the same time. Luis is remembered for his contributions to the Biology program, and for the care that he took in his teaching. Luis’s research involved various aspects of heavy metal effects on cytoskeleton in algae.