Kathy Nomme

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Professor of Teaching Emeritus

Plant Ecology - Interactions between native and introduced seagrass species.

Student Learning - Transitions to learning in university

Senior Instructor (2008 to present)
M.Sc. Plant Ecology (1989) University of British Columbia
BC Teacher Certification (1980) Simon Fraser University
B.Sc. Biology (1978) University of British Columbia

Contact Information

Room 2510 Biological Science Building 6270 University Blvd.

Research Interests

My role in the Biology Program is to teach. This encompasses the many elements of teaching biology to undergraduate students; curriculum design and implementation, course administration and coordination, and graduate student preparation for teaching.

I have adopted a scholarly approach to teaching and have initiated research projects to investigate elements of student learning. My research interests include investigating the effectiveness of curriculum revisions and active-learning strategies on student attitudes and student adjustment to higher education. In conjunction with colleagues we have developed assessment tools designed to measure changes in student attitudes towards Biology as a Science and concept inventories to measure learning gains in fundamental concepts (Questions for Biology Q4B http://q4b.biology.ubc.ca/). The results of these investigations have been shared at conferences, Teaching and Learning meetings and are at various stages of publication.

Courses Taught/Teaching


Biol 111 – Introduction to Modern Biology (large lecture course, ~ 220 students, primarily for non-majors)
Biol 121 – Genetics, Evolution and Ecology (large lecture course, ~220 students, for majors)
Biol 140 – Laboratory Investigation in Biology (T1 Course Coordinator, T1 ~600 students, T2 ~960 students)
Biol 535 – Teaching & Learning in the Life Sciences

Preparation of graduate student Teaching Assistants

BioTAP is a series of  instructional workshops for all TAs in the Biology Program (BioTAP http://wiki.ubc.ca/TA_training/Overview/Biology)  .


2010  Faculty of Science Killam Prize for Excellence in Teaching For Teaching

Team Members

Biology 140 Lab Faculty

Carol Pollock - Director First-Year Biology
Chin Sun
Lynn Norman
Bernardita Germano
Maryiam Moussavi
Jenn Kelly
Brett Couch

Selected Publications

Nomme, K. and Birol, G. A report on a course redesign process as informed by measures of student attitudes and feedback.  Submitted for review CJSOTL September 2011.

Butler, D. L., Pollock, C., Nomme, K., & Nakonechny, J.  (2008). Promoting authentic inquiry in the sciences: Challenges faced in redefining first-year university students' scientific epistemology. In B. M. Shore, M. W. Aulls & M. A. B. Delcourt (Eds.), Inquiry in education: Overcoming barriers to successful implementation (pp. 301-324). NY: Erlbaum: Taylor & Francis Group.

Nomme, K.M. and P.G. Harrison.  1991.  A multivariate description of the seagrasses Zostera marina L. and Zostera japonica Aschers. & Graebn, in monospecific vs. mixed vegetation.  Can. J. Bot. 69:  1984-1990.

Nomme, K.M. and P.G. Harrison.  1991.  Evidence for interaction between the seagrasses Zostera marina L.  and Zostera japonica Aschers. & Graebn, on the Pacific Coast of Canada.  Can. J. Bot. 69:  2004-2010.


Recent Conference Presentations and Posters

ISL 2012 -Improving Students Learning Conference, Lund Sweden
Developing Targeted Interventions Using Concept Inventories – Presentation and poster
Kathy Nomme, Greg Bole, Angie O’Neill, Pam Kalas, Gulnur Birol 

NWBIO 2012– North West Biology Instructor Organization, Everett Washington
How to Develop and Use Concept Inventories - Presentation
Angie O’Neill, Greg Bole, Pam Kalas, Kathy Nomme

AERA 2012 – American Education Research Association, Vancouver
Understanding Postsecondary Student’s Perceptions About Learning in Science from Within an Inquiry-Oriented Biology Laboratory – Facilitated Poster Session
Kathy Nomme, Deborah Butler, Carol Pollock, Joanne Nakonechny