Research Faculty #11

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M. Sc. (1997) University of Cape Town, South Africa
Ph. D. (2004) Imperial College, London, UK

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Ecology and evolutionary biology; the distribution of biodiversity and the challenges posed to its conservation through recent changes to the environment.

Research Interests

My research lies at the interface between ecology and evolutionary biology, making use of the information contained within phylogenetic trees to provide a bridge between them. The integration of phylogenetic approaches in ecology has been transformative, and has given rise to new sub-disciplines in biodiversity science, invasion biology, climate change biology, emerging infectious disease research and community ecology. In the past six years I have addressed questions related to the distribution of biodiversity and the challenges posed to its conservation through recent changes to the environment.

Selected Publications

Pearse, W.D., Davis, C.C., Inouye, D.W., Primack, R.B., and Davies, T.J. [2017] A statistical estimator for determining the limits of contemporary and historic phenology. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1: 1876–1882.

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