Jennifer Klenz

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Photo by: Elaine Simons Lane
Senior Instructor

Molecular Biology, Teaching & Learning

B.S.A. University of Saskatchewan, Honours in Crop Science

Ph. D. University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Postdoc University of British Columbia


Contact Information

Room 352 Wesbrook
Room 318 Wesbrook


BIOL 111 Introduction to Modern Biology

BIOL 234 Fundamentals of Genetics

BIOL 337 Introductory Genetics Lab

Team Members

Technician: Mindy Chow

Selected Publications

Klenz, J., M. Chow and T. Fontana. 2015. Are You a Hidden Heterozygote? Use of PCR to Genotype Brown vs. Blue- Eye-Color Alleles. Article 61 in Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Volume 36 (K. McMahon, Editor). Proceedings of the 36th Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE), v36reprint.php?ch=61 

McDonnell LM, and Klenz J. 2015. Teaching Genetic Linkage Through Mapping with Molecular Markers. CourseSource. 00:xxx. doi:00.0000/journal.cs.000000