Fred Sack

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Photo by: Elaine Simons Lane
Professor Emeritus

B.A. Sociology (1969) Antioch University; 
Ph.D. Plant Biology (1982) Cornell University; 
Postdoctoral Researcher Boyce Thomson Institute; 
Assistant Professor Ohio State University (1984); 
Associate Professor (1990); 
Professor, 1997-2006; 
Chair Dept. Plant Cell & Molec. Biology, Ohio State Univ. (2004-2006);
Professor UBC Botany, 2006-2014; Head of Botany, 2006-2011

Research Interests

The Sack lab studied the cellular and molecular biology of how stomata develop. Stomata are highly specialized structures made up of two guard cells surrounding a pore. The gating of this aperture in the leaf epidermis regulates the entry of carbon dioxide used in photosynthesis. Using a targeted genetic screen we identified genes critical for stomatal formation. TOO MANY MOUTHS encodes a receptor-like protein whose expression marks a stem cell compartment in the developing shoot epidermis. TMM regulates both the number and orientation of asymmetric divisions that produce stomata. FOUR LIPS encodes a MYB transcription factor that limits symmetric divisions later in the stomatal cell lineage.

Selected Publications

Keerthisinghe, S,   Nadeau, JA, Lucas, JR, Nakagawa, T,  and Fred D. Sack (2015) The Arabidopsis leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinase MUSTACHES enforces stomatal bilateral symmetry in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal DOI: 10.1111/tpj.12757

Li, Meng and Fred D. Sack (2014) Myrosin Idioblast Cell Fate and Development Are Regulated by the Arabidopsis Transcription Factor FAMA, the Auxin Pathway, and Vesicular Trafficking. The Plant Cell DOI: http:/ / dx. doi. org/ 10. 1105/ tpc. 114. 129726

EK Lee, JR Lucas, FD Sack (2014)  Deep functional redundancy between FAMA and FOUR LIPS in stomatal development. The Plant Journal DOI: 10.1111/tpj.12489

EK Lee, JR Lucas, J Goodrich, FD Sack (2014) Arabidopsis guard cell integrity involves the epigenetic stabilization of the FLP and FAMA transcription factor genes. The Plant Journal DOI: 10.1111/tpj.12516

Jie Le, Fred Sack, et al. (2014) Auxin transport and activity regulate stomatal patterning and developmen. Nature Communications DOI:10.1038/ncomms4090

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