Caitlin Donnelly


Academic History

  • BSc in Microbiology from UBC Okanagan
  • PhD in Botany from UBC Vancouver

Contact Information

Teaching Interests

As a Lecturer who primarily teaches first- and second-year students, one of my main goals is to inspire students to become interested in learning more about biology and its relevance to their lives.  By sparking their interest, and introducing them to a scientific way of thinking, I hope that they will start to consider the world around them in a different way, start asking questions, and gain a greater appreciation for the complexity and diversity of life.

I aim to equip my students with skills that will be useful to them, whether in their day-to-day lives, or in future scientific careers: these include collaboration, problem-solving, and scientific literacy and writing.  I believe that these skills must be as much a part of coursework as the understanding of scientific concepts and facts.  I encourage students to develop these skills through active participation in assignments, discussions, and activities that model real-world scenarios and issues that they might encounter.

Courses Taught/Teaching

  • BIOL 111 (Introduction to Modern Biology)
  • SCIE 113 (First-Year Seminar in Science), through Vantage One Science
  • I am also the course coordinator for SCIE 113 (First-Year Seminar in Science), and collaborate with many instructors and TAs from different departments in the Faculty of Science to deliver the course.