Info for Newly Admitted

Campus-Wide Login (CWL) 
The Campus Wide Login (CWL) system provides access to many of the University’s online systems, such as the Student Service Centre, Canvas, UBC Library, and more.

Once accepted as a graduate student, you are prompted to create a CWL account.


UBC Card
The UBC Card is your student identification card as well as your UBC library card. Showing this card at various locations may also allow discounts on purchases. Students may obtain either a physical or digital card. Make sure to obtain a physical card as it is required to access meal plans, e-commerce purchases, or be used to access buildings or facilities.
UBC Card: 

U-Pass / Compass Card
UBC has a special arrangement with Translink that allows UBC students to hold a bus pass at a discounted rate. All students pay for the U-Pass as part of their student fees so take advantage of this multi-zone bus pass. In order to use the U-Pass, students must first purchase an adult-class Compass Card and link it to the U-Pass account online monthly. When using your U-Pass to take public transit, ensure that a valid UBC card is carried with you. 

U-Pass / Compass Card: 

Wireless Internet Access
To get access to Wifi on campus, visit UBC IT website at

To obtain keys, email Isabel Ferens, and cc your supervisor to approve this request. We will request the keys on-line. You will receive an email from the Key Desk telling you when to collect your keys. Parking and Access Control Services is located in the UBC Bookstore, 6200 Univ. Blvd. There is a $20 key deposit required and you will need to show picture ID. The deposit will be refunded when the key is returned to Parking and Access Control Services.

Mailroom is located in BioSci 3158.

Getting a FASmail Account
FASmail is an enterprise email service for staff, faculty, and student employees of UBC, accessible via the Outlook Web application ( and through many standards-based desktop email applications.

To request a FASmail account, send your CWL account username to Make sure to NOT send your CWL password. It’s best to also include your supervisor’s name when emailing. Note that students should be on UBC payroll, in order to request for an account.

Ordering lab supplies and equipment
Please consult with your supervisor when ordering supplies and equipment.

Mandatory Training for All UBC Workers
Anyone working in a laboratory setting must have the following courses completed prior to beginning to do work in the lab:

1) New Worker Safety Orientation
2) Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training
3) Workplace Violence Prevention Training
4) Privacy & Information Security Fundamentals, Part 1 & 2

Consult with your PI regarding which courses to take: What training is required for working in a lab?

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee- (JOHSC)

Learn more about JOHSC in the following link: (UBC Risk Management)

Botany financial support information for students can be found at:

Students who receive Graduate Research Assistantship stipend and/or Graduate Teaching Assistantship pay will get paid twice a month, on the 15th and at the end of the month (or the closest business day before that date) via Workday payroll system. Thus, if students receive $2000 pay per month, they would receive 2 payments of $1,000. Note that before students start their studies, Graduate Program Coordinator will email them regarding setting up their payroll appointments.

Students who receive scholarship funding that are handled by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will receive payment just before or a little after the term starts. Thus, if a student has a scholarship of $12,000 (1-year funding), the student will receive $4,000 per term for 3 terms. Term dates are Term 1: September 1 to December 31, Term 2: January 1 to April 30, and Summer Term: May 1 to August 31.

Please ensure that you have set up the banking direct deposit via your Workday and Student Service Centre (SSC) accounts.

Make sure to check with the Graduate Program Coordinator first if you have any questions about your Graduate Research Assistantship stipend, TA pay, or scholarship funding, as she will most likely be able to answer the question(s) or direct you to the right person to contact.