Botany Seminars

Title Date Time Topic
Botany Faculty Special Talk-Xin Li & Amy Angert Tuesday, November 30 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Xin Li talk title: Helper NLR immune receptors in plant immunity / Amy Angert talk title: Population and community dynamics in a rapidly changing climate
Exit Seminar- Emma George Tuesday, December 7 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Reduce, abuse, recycle: The evolutionary outcomes of bacterial symbionts and their phage in eukaryotic hosts
Exit Seminar- Donglei Li Tuesday, December 14 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm TBA
Exit Seminar- Elizabeth Mahon Tuesday, January 11 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Engineering flavonoids into the lignins of poplar
Exit Seminar- Mariana Pascual Robles Tuesday, February 1 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm A fine-scale study of a rare flowering gene, 2 ecotypes and their mating patterns in the silver-leaf sunflower (Helianthus argophyllus)
Exit Seminar- Katy Davis Tuesday, February 8 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Factors structuring microbial communities associated with marine foundation species
Exit Seminar- Weijie Huang Tuesday, March 1 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Genetic analysis of signalling pathways mediated by receptor like protein SNC2 and transcription factors SARD1/CBP60g in Arabidopsis
Exit Seminar- Yujun Peng Tuesday, March 8 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Identification and Characterization ofRegulatory Components Required for Transcriptional Repression of Defense Genes by NPR4 in Arabidopsis
Exit Seminar- Isaac Borrego Tuesday, March 15 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm From tropics to treeline: assessing and extending metabolic theory for plant mortality using globally-distributed forest data
Exit Seminar- Varoon Pornsinsiriruk Tuesday, March 22 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm Variability and inheritance of thermal tolerance across populations and life stages in the bull kelp Nereocystis luetkeana