Safety and Emergency

The Department of Botany is committed to providing its employees a safe and healthy workplace. To ensure that this objective is accomplished, the Department has developed and will maintain a department specificOccupational Health and Safety (OCHS) Program.

An OCHS Program is defined as:

"A scheme of action or a plan of future procedures for enlisting and maintaining support of all the personnel of an organization for the prevention of accidents."

The Department`s OCHS Program contains fourteen elements which meets the requirements of the University of British Columbia and Workers` Compensation Board of British Columbia. These elements include:

    1. Safety Policy 
    2. Management Meetings 
    3. Local Safety Committee 
    4. Orientation, Training and Supervision of Workers 
    5. Hazard Assessments and Work Site Inspections 
    6. Accident Investigations 
    7. Safe Work Procedures 
    8. First Aid and Emergency Services 
    9. Personal Security and Public Safety 
    10. Hazardous Materials 
    11. Health Promotion and Return to Work 
    12. Records and Statistics 
    13. Program Review 
    14. Environmental Protection

Department of Botany Safety website

Safety Procedures Manual: refer to the Department Safety Manual

The UBC Department of Health, Safety and Environment

Non-Harzardous Chemical Disposal (PDF)

Emergency Numbers

Emergencies 911
First Aid 822-4444
Fire Hall 822-4567
UBC Patrol 822-2222
RCMP 224-1322

Message from the Dean of Science

The Dean of Science is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all of the faculty, staff, students and visitors in the Faculty of Science. This is a fundamental obligation which is crucial to our continued success and reputation as one of the top Science Faculties in Canada. This Safety Manual is the starting point to reviewing Health and Safety information for this Department.


September, 2006