Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

The Department of Botany includes several faculty members whose primary mission is to enhance teaching and learning at UBC:

 Craig BerezowskyGenetics
 Greg BoleEvolution 
 Liane ChenCellular and Molecular Biology
 Sunita ChowriraPlant Biochemistry
 Bridgette Clarkston 
 Brett CouchMycology and General Biology
 Caitlin Donnelly 
 Shona EllisPlant Taxonomy: Ferns & Mosses
 Pam KalasGenetics, Epigenetics and Developmental Biology
 Jennifer KlenzGenetics
 Vivienne Lam 
 Celeste LeanderGateway programs (Biology): Science One and Coordinated Sciences
 Maryam Moussavi 
 Santokh SinghPlant Physiology
 Rachel Wilson 
 Kathryn ZeilerCellular and Molecular Biology 

The Department of Botany is actively involved in the following programs designed to enhance teaching and learning at UBC:

 Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT)
 Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI)
 Life-Sciences Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative
 Biology Program
 Science Centre for Learning and Teaching - Skylight

The following list contains miscellaneous resources for instructers:

 Procedures for peer evaluation of teaching