All Faculty Members List And Their Research Areas

This is the list of all Botany faculty members and their research areas. You can narrow down the list to specific research area by clicking the key word in the blue side bar navigation menu.

Name Research abstract
Keith Adams

Genome evolution, polyploidy, duplicate gene fates and evolution, evolution of gene regulation, alternative splicing, non-coding RNAs

Amy Angert

Plant evolutionary ecology; geographic range limits and rarity; population dynamics and community structure.

Mary Berbee

Molecular phylogenetic studies of fungi and evolution of fungal life history stategies.

Craig Berezowsky

Teaching & Learning.

Jörg Bohlmann

Plant molecular biology, genomics and biochemistry. Natural products and chemical ecology of forest trees.

Greg Bole

My central goal in teaching is to help students become aware of the biological world around them, gain the knowledge of how it came to be and become interested and excited about preserving and learning from it.

Liane Chen

Teaching & Learning

Sunita Chowrira

Teaching & Learning

Bridgette Clarkston
Brett Couch

My goal as an instructor is to guide students to think like biologists and use a scientific approach to solve problems both within and outside of the classroom.  As an instructor in organismal diversity labs, I also strive to aid students in building observational skills as a habit of mind and to appreciate the biological diversity around them.

Quentin Cronk

The study of plant form using the techniques of comparative genomics, molecular developmental biology and evolutionary biology.

Jonathan Davies

Ecology and evolutionary biology; the distribution of biodiversity and the challenges posed to its conservation through recent changes to the environment.

Shona Ellis

Teaching & Learning, Biodiversity, Plant Biochemistry.

Naomi Fast

Genome evolution, spliceosomal intron evolution, parasitic adaptation - focusing on microsporidia, a highly derived group of parasitic fungi.

Sean Graham

Systematics and evolution of vascular plants, focusing on using DNA sequence data to infer relationships at deep and recent levels of seed plant, angiosperm and monocot phylogenetic history.


George Haughn

Plant Developmental Genetics. Molecular genetics of seed coat development in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Michael W. Hawkes

Teaching & Learning, Systematics & Phylogenetics, Marine Biology, Algae.

Reinhard Jetter

Plant biochemistry, physiology and chemical ecology; molecular biology and enzymology of wax metabolism; chemical composition, physiological function and ecological roles of plant surface lipids.

Pam Kalas

Student "misconceptions", Community-Based Experiential Learning, authentic learning/research, student perceptions of learning, impacts of genetics first year curriculum.


Patrick Keeling

Early eukaryote evolution, molecular phylogeny, protistology.

Jennifer Klenz

Molecular Biology, Teaching & Learning

Ljerka Kunst

Molecular genetic and biochemical studies of seed lipid and epicuticular wax metabolism and their regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Brian Leander

Marine invertebrate zoology, protozoology, evolutionary morphology & phylogenetics.

Celeste Leander

Teaching & Learning

Jae-Hyeok Lee

Life cycle transitions of sexual eukaryote; Molecular mechanisms of nutrient sensing in phototrophic eukaryotes; Ubiquitin-dependent mechansism for chloroplast quality control; Evolution of developmental/epigenetic mechanisms; Macroevolutionary transitions from prokaryotes to eukaryotes and from green algae to land plants; Mitigating climate change by engineering algae for efficient carbon capture and biofuel production.

Xin Li

Utilizing a combination of molecular genetics, biochemical and genomics approaches to understand the natural resistance mechanisms of plants against microbial pathogens including fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Sandra Lindstrom
Wayne Maddison

Spider systematics and evolution.

Patrick Martone

Marine phycology; biomechanics of macroalgae.

Sean Michaletz

Plant physiological ecology, macroecology, fire behavior and effects

Kathy Nomme

Student Learning: Transitions to learning in university, student attitudes toward learning in science, student 'misconceptions', efficacy of inquiry-based learning, self-regulation of learning.

Intertidal and Plant Ecology: Interactions between native and introduced species.

Laura Wegener Parfrey

Microbiome of coastal marine organisms; eukaryotes in the microbiome

Loren Rieseberg

Speciation, domestication, conservation biology, and weed evolution.

Abel Rosado

Characterization of ER-PM contact site components involved in plant stress tolerance

Lacey Samuels

Plant cell biology, cellular basis of secretion of plant cell wall components; lignification in xylem development; ABC transporters and cuticle secretion

Santokh Singh

Teaching & Learning, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology.

Liang Song

plant genomics, environmental stresses, seed development, gene expression

Curtis Suttle

The biology of viruses that infect marine phytoplankton and bacteria, and the role of these viruses in population dynamics and geochemical cycles.

Philippe Tortell

Biological oceanography; carbon dioxide, and trace metal controls on marine phytoplankton and bacteria.

Michelle Tseng

We investigate processes that underlie population and community responses to changing environments. Our current focus is on understanding and predicting community-wide responses to warming. We develop and test broad conceptual frameworks using laboratory and field experiments with insects and plankton communities. 

Geoffrey Wasteneys

Plant Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; organization of the cytoskeleton and its role in cell wall formation, intracellular motility and growth anisotropy in the higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana and the characean algae; plant responses to abiotic and endogenous signals.

Jeannette Whitton

Plant molecular systematic and evolution; the evolution of asexual polyploid complexes in higher plants.

Kathryn Zeiler

Teaching & Learning, Molecular Biology

Yuelin Zhang

We are interested in how local resistance and systemic acquired resistance are regulated in plants.