Shipping and Recieving

Page last updated on 2022-07-07

*** Please make sure to include your name and/or your lab name as part of the address when providing shipping information to sender. This will help limit the number of recipient-tracing email sent to the entire Department.
*** Please notify Ship/Rec
via email in advance if your package requires any additional care (e.g. perishable items/refrigeration, live animals etc.)

Item Pickups:

  1. As we have limited space in the fridge, perishable items should be picked up on the same day upon receipt of the notification email.
  2. Non-perishable items should be picked up within 5 business days.
  3. The ship/rec freezer only reaches -18°C, any items that require storage temperatures to be below -18°C should be picked up right away.
  4. When picking up, please locate your name / lab name and leave your signature on the parcel tracking sheet.

Shipping via FedEx:

  1. Please use the kiosk computer in the ship/rec office to create your own waybill. There are step-by-step instructions on the desktop and in-person assistance is available if required.
  2. For same-day pickups, please make sure the item is ready to go by 2pm.
  3. Billing options:
    1) UBC Worktag/Speedchart
    2) Bill to recipient
    3) Bill to third-party FedEx account

Shipping via UPS / DHL:

  1. You may log into the ship/rec account to create your own waybill(s) on the kiosk computer.
  2. Billing options:
    1) Enter credit card info
    2) Bill to recipient

Ordering from International Suppliers (message from UBC Procurement Services):

  1. Please advise international suppliers to use the UBC customs broker, Thompson Ahern International, when ordering. Contact Email:
  2. The worktag must be informed to the supplier to add to the paperwork. So that once our broker gets the paperwork, they are able to charge the correct worktag for the order.


Shipping address

Your First and Last Names
Your Lab Name
6270 University Blvd
RM 1015
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z4

Hours of Operation and Contact Information

Hours of Operation:
Mon.-Fri., 9am-3:30pm
[Closed for lunch @ 12:30pm-1:30pm]

Contact: Luvina Wan
Tel: 604-822-5040


Other Services

E-waste recycling

Soil waste bin key pickup

Compressed gases cage

***The compressed gases cage is located outside of the ship/rec office in the East Wing of the Biological Sciences Building.
***It should be used 
only as delivery space, NOT storage. To avoid overcrowding the space, please note the following:

  1. If you are expecting any new deliveries from Linde/Praxair, please pick them up within three business days upon arrival. The cage is not to be used as long-term storage.
  2. Key to the cage is available for pickup during Shipping/Receiving’s hours of operation.

Hazardous Waste Management: chemical waste, solvent waste, autoclaved biomaterials and lab glass waste

  1. UBC Environmental Services Facility has been scheduled to pick up Bio- and Chemical wastes every Thursday. Drop-offs throughout Monday-Wednesday are encouraged.
  2. Please ensure to attach the appropriate documentation on each item.
  3. Autoclaved Biomaterial Waste – Recommended Practices:
    ** When an autoclaved biomaterials leakage occurs, the liquids from the bag(s) contaminate the waste bin and emit odorous/potentially hazardous smells that often spread from the storage room to the entire ship/rec area.

    The following lab practices will help prevent autoclaved biomaterials from leaking out of their bags:
  1. Try not to overload the bag – suggested maximum weight: 6-7kg, not to exceed 10kg
  2. Try not to place pointy/sharp objects inside the bag
  3. Once autoclaved, leave the bag open and the materials to cool off completely before sealing the bag
  4. Make sure to squeeze out excessive air before sealing the bag
  5. Place the sealed, cooled-off bag in a fresh / non-autoclaved autoclave bag before dropping off in Storage Room 1015B
  1. Glass waste:
      1. Once glass waste container is 3/4 full, tie bag closed and ensure no glass protrudes past the container top.
      2. Must use approved glass waste containers: 5-gallon grey metal cans or white plastic pails.
      3. Please refer to the Laboratory Glass Waste Disposal Procedure for more detail.

Vehicle Booking:

  1. All Botany members must follow the same conditions of use listed on the Botany Resource Booking - Vehicle website.
  2. In short, each driver must be a Botany member (faculty, staff, or graduate student) with valid Class 5 Driver's License.
  3. Each driver must make their own bookings online as well as picking up / returning the vehicle and key.
  4. Please fill gas at the end of your trip and return the vehicle key with the gas receipt included.