Guest Speaker- Sonia Gazzarrini

Tuesday November 23, 2021
12:30 pm ~ 01:30 pm
Coping with stress: seed development and germination in a warming world
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Liang Song
Guest Speaker- Sonia Gazzarrini
Department of Biological Sciences, UofT Scarborough
Botany Seminar Series
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Spatiotemporal regulation of gene expression plays an important role in developmental timing in plants and animals. Plants integrate endogenous signals and external cues to carefully time developmental phase transitions in an ever-changing environment. My research group is interested in understanding molecular mechanisms regulating seed development and the transition to germination, as well as the roles that hormones and the environment play in these processes.
I will highlight some of our recent findings on the interplay between the plant-specific transcription factor FUSCA3 and the conserved Snf1/AMPK-related SnRK1 kinase, master regulators of seed development and stress responses, respectively. I will also present some of our recent work on plant response to environmental stress during post embryonic development.