Biology 525D (Term 1: October 2023, 2 credits)

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Topics in Systematics and Evolution: Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biology
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This course will teach students the basics of bioinformatic analysis. Specifically it will run students through taking raw sequence data, producing variants (SNPs and indels) and doing basic analyses on those variants. We will explain the steps involved and also include working example code. Example topics include:

-An introduction to command line computing

-Sequence alignment

-Genome assembly

-RNAseq analysis

-Genotype calling

-Data filtering

-Population structure

-Data visualization

 All participants should have some basic coding experience, for example using R or unix command line.

 Recommended Prerequisites: Students should have basic knowledge in R and some command line knowledge (for example, see the Data Carpentry course "Introduction to the Command Line for Genomics” (

Instructors:    Tom Booker and Julia Kreiner

 For further information, please contact:

Julia Kreiner (

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