Biology 525D

General Information
Topics in Systematics and Evolution: Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biology
2 credit course (not offered in Jan. 2017)
(May be offered in Jan. 2016 - to be confirmed)
Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide graduate students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the evolutionary analysis of next generation sequence data.  The course will entail data retrieval and assembly, alignment techniques, variant calling, gene expression analyses, hypothesis testing, and population genomic and phylogenomic approaches. The course will be presented as a series of short lectures and lab exercises over the last two weeks of January.

Instructors:  To be confirmed for 2016

Format:  A mix of lecture and lab exercises, running in a 2-hour block. (2 credits)

To enroll:  Register for section 201 of Biol. 525D

Recommended Prerequisites:  Students should have basic knowledge in R and some command line knowledge (although the latter could be obtained during the course)

Evaluation:  Participation in discussions and lab exercises.

Location and Time:  Biodiversity 224, 4pm - 6pm

For further information, please contact: Loren Rieseberg, or 604-827-4540