Biological Sciences Building
The BioSci building contains the Departments of Botany, Zoology, and Earth and Ocean Sciences. It also houses the Bioimaging Facility, the Herbarium, the Canadian Centre for the Culture of Microorganisms, Stores, and the Workshop.
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Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre
The Biodiversity Research Centre brings together a team of world-renowned scientists from zoology, botany, earth and ocean sciences, microbiology and forest sciences. Together, they conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research into a range of topics, including the impact of global warming on ecosystems, how species evolve, the effect of human activity on biodiversity, and finding ways to safeguard ecosystems and minimize the loss of biodiversity.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum
The Biodiversity Museum is a natural history museum featuring a hands-on discovery lab, an auditorium, a nearly infamous blue whale and over 20,000 sq. ft. of collections and exhibits.

Michael Smith Laboratories
Researchers in the Michael Smith Labs investigate molecular genetics, bioinformatics and fermentation and bio-process engineering.
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