Biology 525B

General Information
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Topics in Systematics and Evolution: Phylogenetic Workshop
Course Overview

This workshop is a short but intense introduction to the practical application of a variety of phylogenetic methods.   Our goal is to help students, staff or faculty get started or progress with the methods they need for their research.

Topics include:

1) How do I run the computer programs?

2) How do the analytical programs work?

3) Why choose one method of analysis and not another?

4) Should I believe this tree and this model of evolution? Will the reviewers believe it?



Course taught on demand, usually in alternate years, probably 2015, 2017, 2019 etc.

To enroll: Register for the summer section of the phylogeny workshop, Biol 525B, L01 (Laboratory).  Make sure to read the description and sign up for the right section of Biol 525. The different sections (eg, 525a, 525b) correspond to different courses.

Lectures/Discussions  9-10 a.m.  Tues.-Fri., usually in  May-June.   Location details to appear in the on-line UBC course schedule nearer the time. 

Instructors: TBA

Tutorial Information

Homework, completion of lab exercises, a research paper based on analysis of phylogenetic data, and a 20-25 minute oral presentation of a phylogenetic method.

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