Story Highlights

Using leaf stomatal counts to estimate CO2 levels during the Pliocene

Article by Jin-Jin Hu (Turkington & Zhou lab)

We have been collaborating with colleagues in Yunnan Province, China to determine if stomatal frequency in Quercus guajavifolia could be used to estimate palaeo-CO2 levels. The work was spear-headed by Jin-Jin Hu and...

Are Canada’s Species At Risk recovering?

Article by Bill Harrower, Jenny McCune, and Jeannette Whitton

National level endangered species laws are designed to prevent species from going extinct. Canada's endangered species law, the Species At Risk Act (or SARA), was enacted almost 13 years ago...

How would grasslands change in response to the loss of song birds and small mammals?

Article by Bill Harrower, Lauchlan Fraser and Roy Turkington

Grasslands of British Columbia's southern interior mountains provide stunning landscapes and host many of the provinces at risk species of plants and animals. Hot dry sagebrush and bunchgrass ecosystems occupy the valley bottoms...