2 Congratulations to Laryssa Halat of the Wasteneys Lab!

(1) Laryssa Halat from the Wasteneys lab has been awarded the 2019 Ragai Ibrahim Award by the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists. The Ragai Ibrahim Award Fund was established by the Society through a generous donation from Professor Ragai Ibrahim (1929-2017), an eminent Canadian plant scientist in the area of plant specialized metabolism and an emeritus member of the Society. The purpose of the award is to recognize excellence in publication by graduate students. Laryssa received her award on July 7th at the opening ceremonies of the Plant Canada 2019 meeting in Guelph Ontario. The citation for her award is as follows:

Wasteneys lab1


A doctoral candidate in the Department of Botany, Laryssa was the co-first author of “The Microtubule-Associated Protein CLASP Sustains Cell Proliferation through a Brassinosteroid Signaling Negative Feedback Loop” published in Current Biology.  The work demonstrated a remarkable feedback loop that regulates cell proliferation involving a microtubule-associated protein (CLASP) that is both responsible for supporting cell division but also for sustaining brassinosteroid signaling.  In turn brassinosteroid signaling negatively regulates CLASP gene expression. This represents the first example of a microtubule-associated protein playing a pivotal role in a signal transduction pathway in plants.


(2) Laryssa Halat won the Plant Canada Best Student Presentation Award at the Plant Canada 2019 Meeting at the University of Guelph. Laryssa received her award for her seminar “ Make or Break? Microtubule Growth and Shrinkage are Controlled by Dynamic Turnover of plus-end Proteins” after a competition that included nearly 50 student presentations.  She received her award at the CSPB Annual Business Meeting, and again at the closing ceremonies of the meeting on July 10th

Wasteneys lab2


Laryssa in her award-winning performance


Wasteneys lab3


Geoff Wasteneys, President of CSPB, congratulating Laryssa after announcing her Plant Canada Student Presentation Award at the CSPB Business Meeting