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MSc student Isaac Borrego wins award in the BRC Research Photo Competition Feb 24 2022

Originally posted by the Beaty Museum

Forest Mortality, by Isaac Borrego, received the Plants, Algae, & Fungi award in the Biodiversity Research Center's photo competition. Congratulations Isaac! 


UBC Botany In the News! Feb 10 2022

Dr. Amy Angert gave comments in a CTV News article about how climate change is affecting seed dispersal: Climate change is making it harder for plants to spread seeds via animals

Sunflowers’ invisible colours help them attract bees and adapt to drought Jan 18 2022

Originally published by UBC Science on January 18, 2022

It turns out sunflowers are more than just a pretty face: the ultraviolet colours of their flowers not only attract pollinators, but also help the plant…

New research shows gene exchange between viruses and hosts drives evolution Jan 18 2022

Originally posted by UBC Science on January 4, 2022

The first comprehensive analysis of viral horizontal gene transfer (HGT) illustrates the extent to which viruses pick up genes from their hosts to hone their…

The Curious World of Seaweed, an exhibition with scientific advisors Bridgette Clarkston & Patrick Martone Dec 03 2021

Originally posted by the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Visit the Online Exhibition from November 18, 2021 – April 24, 2022!

Insects beware! This west coast plant wants to eat you Dec 03 2021

Originally posted by UBC Science on August 9, 2021

The delicate stalk and pretty white flowers of Triantha occidentalis may seem like the perfect place to perch if you’re an insect, but get trapped in its sticky hairs and it will…

Botanical garden as time capsule: Untangling plants’ potential to sequester carbon Dec 03 2021

Originally posted by UBC Science on June 3, 2021

A study conducted at two botanical gardens in Canada may help researchers better understand the ability of plant life to act as Earth’s carbon sink, and the…

Mystery of photosynthetic algae evolution finally solved Dec 03 2021

Originally posted by UBC Science on March 30, 2021

New research in Nature Communications details the painstaking unraveling and reconstruction of a key protein in a single-celled, photosynthetic organism called a cryptophyte, a type…

Where It's Easy Being Green Nov 24 2021

This article is originally from the Hakai Institute—a set of interlocking programs that blend technology and science to better understand the coastal margin of British Columbia and beyond. Read more stories like this at

In Memoriam of Greg Bole Sep 02 2021

It is with great sadness that the Botany Department shares the news that Associate Professor of Teaching Greg Bole died on Sunday, August 22. Greg excelled as an instructor, and we will miss our warm and willing friend and colleague.

Greg’s love of science and evolution were infectious. He inspired undergraduate students with his wit,…