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Sugarsticks (Allotropa virgata) study is on the cover of New Phytologist Nov 04 2022

A study by Botany alum Dr. Qianshi Lin is featured on the cover of New Phytologist, featuring a photo of Sugarsticks (Allotropa virgata) by Gerald D. Carr (Emeritus Professor of Botany at Oregon State University). 

Lin worked with…

UBC Botany In the News Oct 05 2022

Dr. Michelle Tseng discussed her work with UBC alum Erez Büyükyilmaz, which found warmer temps can lead to smaller butterflies: UBC study finds climate change could cause butterflies to shrink, raising pollination concerns

Photo: The…

Dr. Robin Young looks at cell biology through a lens of equity, diversity and inclusion Sep 29 2022

Dr. Robin Young, Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Department of Biology at UBC Okanagan, takes an innovative approach towards teaching. Find out how she redefines conventional perceptions of cell biology and encourages her students to question injustices in scientific research.…

UBC Botany In the News Aug 18 2022

Dr. Jeannette Whitton commented on the importance of having financial support as an early career scientist: 'The future of science in Canada is at risk':…

UBC Botany In the News Aug 05 2022

Jonathan Davies was quoted in an article on Science Magazine's news site: The most distinctive birds are the ones most at risk of extinction

UBC Botany In the News Jul 08 2022

Dr. Sean Graham said giant water lilies have been iconic attractions in botanical gardens since Victorian times, when they were used to attract royal patronage: …

Welcome new faculty member Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor! Jul 08 2022

Originally published by the Department of Zoology

July 1, 2022 marked Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor’s first day as an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Botany and Zoology at UBC…

UBC Botany In the News Jul 08 2022

Botany associate member Trevor Goward commented on working with the Biodiversity Galiano, a biological inventory which aims to document every species on Galiano Island. Click this link for the full story.

Staff Appreciation Day 2022 Jun 26 2022

Thank you to all the amazing staff in the Botany Department. Donuts and Coffee were enjoyed in the beautiful courtyard.

Professional ‘guilds’ of bacteria gave rise to the modern microbiome Jun 06 2022

The Keeling lab's research is on the front cover of Nature Microbiology!

Originally published by UBC Science on May 26, 2022

Even the smallest…